I have worked with many clients that have experienced problems with alcohol, conditions range from alcoholism, binge drinking and those that just have the "wind down wine" after work. Many women drink a glass or two in the evenings whilst cooking dinner, many of these women end up drinking more as time goes by, they have created a habit and find it difficult habit to break. Maybe you are in sobriety and just would like extra mind support to keep you on track.

Hypnotherapy helps provide the necessary reprogramming and support and helps clients to regain control over their drinking or helps the clients to keep to sobriety.

You do have a problem with alcohol, if you are dependent on drinking alcohol and cannot forego a drink. Of course, depending on the length and depth of your drink problems you should consider getting as much help and support as soon as possible. If you are an alcoholic, then you should be seeking professional support from a help centre and then you can use hypnotherapy to further help you on the road to recovery.

There are many alcohol help centre throughout NZ links below:

Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand -

CADS: Community alcohol and drug services - (N.B CADS online offers live online alcohol and drug counselling that is free to anybody in Auckland)